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On me

My path!

After graduating from the socio-psycho-pedagogical high school with full marks, I became passionate about the world of biology and nutrition, deciding to continue my studies  undertaking the three-year degree course in biological sciences. At the end of this cycle of studies, in 2018, I undertook the master's degree course in biology, choosing the biology of nutrition curriculum and graduating in October 2020 with 110/110 cum laude. Later I took the qualification exam for the biologist profession and at the same time I studied various aspects of nutrition, in particular  through the refresher and training course organized by SIFA (Italian Fitness and Nutrition Society) "Basic, clinical and sports nutrition" and through further refresher courses and seminars that allowed me to deepen various issues such as intestinal microbiota, sensitivity to gluten, irritable bowel syndrome and many others.

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