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First nutritional visit

During the first nutritional visit, together we will make a careful analysis of your eating habits through a complete medical history that will aim to frame the patient's general state of health, weight history, clinical history but also food tastes, needs and lifestyle, in order to make the meal plan highly personalized.
During the visit, moreover, I will take care of the detection of anthropometric measurements such as weight, height, circumferences, skin folds (not in all cases) and finally an analysis of the nutritional status and body composition will be carried out using the bioimpedance meter.


Control visit

Checks are scheduled on a monthly basis. During the check-up visit we will have the opportunity to deepen the progress of the nutritional path, their feelings, positive and negative, or any difficulties encountered, in order to be able to eventually reshape the nutritional plan. The anthropometric measurements will also be resumed and the body composition reassessed, in order to evaluate the new state achieved and the progress made.

Sulla bilancia

Nutrition counseling and education

This service has been designed for those who wish to correct their habits at the table, learning to have greater awareness on food choices and the management of their diet.

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